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The Furby Page

What is a Furby?

A Furby is a toy with a lot of electronics packed inside. It is capable of learning from you and also 'learns' English as it grows up. The more you play with it, the more it does. Furby will react to light, 'food', sound, touch and even knows when you pick it up and turn it over.

Every Furby has a unique name and personality. It can sing and dance but it doesn't move its feet when it dances.

Some of my favourite Furby links:

Furby Autopsy Ever wanted to know what's inside a Furby but were afraid to ask?
Furby Book Furby Book is an application for the 3Com Palm Pilot PDA. It contains information about Furbies. It also contains the data required to control any Furby via infra-red. It requires the OmniRemote application to transmit the infra-red data.
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