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Lemon Flowers
Flowers on my lemon tree
Just showing off with my new camera: 420mm (equiv) telephoto hand-held at 1/60th - nearly as good as a telescope!
Mt Potts, New Zealand
The view looking up Mount Potts, New Zealand
New Zealand
The view from the top of Mount Potts, New Zealand
Normal Mode
This is a sample photo taken at night in full-auto mode
Night Shot Mode
The same photo with "night shot" mode
Lightning over my back fence October 2005
NBN News used my photo of lightning in Feb 2006
Rainbow over Jabiru NT
Aftermath of Cyclone Monica May 2006
Township of Jabiru from the air
Crocodile Hotel
Crocodile Hotel, Jabiru NT
Uranium Mine
Ranger mine - Arnhem escarpment behind
Ranger mine from the air
The yellow isn't yellowcake - it's sulfur that's used in the extraction process.
Jim Jim waterfall - Kakadu NT
Stuart Higway - 200km south of Darwin
Moonrise over B737 wing
Lightning January 2007
Bee In Flight
All in a day's work for a bee
Boeing 747
Preparing for takeoff
Stars in Queensland Australia
The sky in Queensland
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