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Toyota Kluger
New Toyota Kluger
Elise and Emu
"No fat chicks"
Easter 2003
Lotus 2003 Concours
Tamworth 2003
The only two Elises within 500km and we met by chance
My Car
Magazine spy photo? No, it's my driveway
From 'Lotus Elise The Complete Story' by John Tipler
This car is in the UK National Motor Museum
Front-quarter shot
This is an ant's-eye view
Rear-quarter shot
If you're 6-foot tall Elise will look like this
At Earthcore 2000-2001
I believe cars should be driven and not nursed
Rear-quarter shot
I tried to get an even coating of dirt but no-one's perfect
My Mini
My Mini Van
Does it fit under the bumper?
If you see one of these coming, duck!
Accelerator pedal linkage removed from car
This is actually the first photo I took of Elise when I got her
Complete kit
Accelerator pedal replacement bush
Click for more information + Purchase online
Car Show
Singleton Classic Car Club Father's Day Show & Shine 2004
Elise With Rainbow
Elise with a rainbow
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