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Discus 2b
The wing of my Discus 2b has 7 bends in it
Discus 2b
This is the desktop picture on my home computer
Discus Instrument Panel
The instrument panel in my Discus 2b
Two Discus 2s
Can you see the difference between the two Discus 2 models?
Puchacz Gliders
The club's 2-seaters being prepared for flight
Glider Towing
The glider is towed into the air by a tow plane (that's me flying)
Gulgong Gliding Club
The gliding club at Gulgong, site of the 2001 Nationals
Hunter Valley Mine
Above the Hunter Valley open cut coal mine
Lemington Mine
The club's nearest neighbour, Lemington mine
Landing Approach
On final approach to land at Warkworth
My Previous Glider
This photo shows most of the recognition points of the LS3a design
Gulgong Nationals, 2001
A glider finishing a competition task, dumping water ballast.
My Car + Glider
If you don't need 225 kilowatts to tow around the airfield, then you're not giving the problem your full attention
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